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1. The site is one of the official communication tools through which BTicino S.p.A. wishes to make public the Open Web Net language, enhance its adoption, and achieve the inter-operability between BTicino domotic systems and devices and other domotic and non-domotic systems and devices applying different technologies, having different brands, or manufactured by different manufacturers.
2. Through this tool BTicino aims at sharing its knowledge and experience in the field of domotic systems and devices with other worldwide experts in this sector, in order to offer new employment opportunities in the domotic sector.
a. The web site (further referred to only as the "Community") is a virtual community created by BTicino (further referred to only as BTicino) as a moment and a place where information can be shared and exchanged.
b. Open Web Net is a language developed by BTicino to control and supervise all the functions of BTicino domotic systems.
c. Applications using Open Web Net (further referred to as "Applications") – through the community, BTicino will make available several Applications which will have to be developed by anyone asking for their publications through one of the Open Source modes, in accordance with one of the various licences currently known and available.
d. The release of the above-mentioned applications shall be subject to the undisputable approval of the Community staff.
4. The Community is a non-profit community and can therefore simply be considered as a free support provided to sector professionals and specialists.
5. The Community offers support in terms of dissemination of information material related to Open Web Net, the My Home" products and their use, the creation of events, on-line meetings, and occasions allowing sector professionals and specialists to share and exchange information, the support of spontaneous initiatives related to the Community's themes, including the creation of Applications using Open Web Net, in full compliance with the applicable laws and with civil, polite interpersonal behaviour rules.
6. All Community members shall always be referred to as "Members" of the Community itself.
7. The following behaviours are not allowed:
a. insult, denigrate or use a disrespectful language or approach towards other Members;
b. make offensive statements on any kind of religion, philosophical convictions, political ideas, etc;
c. use rude or coarse language;
d. behave in such a way as to encourage mistrust, distrust or open objection towards the Community's moderators and/or administrators;
e. encourage the infringement of these rules.
The following contents are not allowed - Regardless of the tone, the Community forbids messages and/or statements which
f.contain racist remarks;
g. may incite to violence or to actions which infringe the Italian law;
h. release personal details and/or other confidential information without the explicit approval of the subjects involved;
i. provide links to sites including pornographic or pirate material, related to hacking or similar activities and, in any case, encourage or support similar practices;
j. deal with any other subject deemed not suitable for the spirit of the Community or which may offend or hurt other users' feelings.
8. The Community staff will delete or modify any questionable content and asks all Members to realise and acknowledge that the use of communication channels (chat, forum, e-mail, bulletin board, etc..), as well as all messages and statements, express their author's opinion, and not BTicino's (unless otherwise specified) and that, consequently, BTicino is not responsible for such contents.

9. Registration is COMPLETELY FREE and does not imply any personal financial obligation, nor any obligation to provide services of any kind, in relation to neither the registered Members nor BTicino.
10. Anyone can register, without any limitations in terms of age, gender, religion, race, nationality and, in general without any discrimination whatsoever.
11. In order to register, each user shall complete a form where he/she will be asked to read and undersign the following undertakings:
a. compliance with the Community's regulations;
b. acceptance of BTicino's unquestionable right to review in advance the content of all the material presented by each user and to decide from time to time whether to publish it or not.
If the above-mentioned undertakings are not accepted, registration will be denied.
12. Pursuant to Italian Delegated Decree 196/2003, each Member will directly and immediately access an on-line form - protected by means of a secret username and password (chosen by the Member) - whereby he/she will be able to modify, delete and/or integrate the personal details he/she provided upon registration.
13. BTicino guarantees the privacy and anonymity of individual Members within the Community' social life by means of the "nicknames" system used to identify all Members. Each Member is obviously fully entitled (and shall consequently shoulder all related responsibility) to inform one or more other Members about his/her real name or other personal details, as he/she deems appropriate.
14. All Members shall be able to unregister at any time by simply sending an e-mail, thus having their membership and all related filed personal details deleted.

15. Each Member shall have free access to all Reserved Areas on the site and to all the material therein contained.
16. Each Member formally undertakes to maintain a polite behaviour in all interactive areas of the site (e.g. the Forum), respecting all individuals and property belonging to third parties, in full compliance with all applicable laws.
17. No Member, not even those holding executive positions within the Community (e.g. Forum Moderators) shall be entitled to take action on behalf of the Community or of BTicino.
18. Each Member undertakes not to make an inappropriate use of the Community's name, nor to take personal actions on behalf of BTicino without the latter's prior written consent.
19. Each Member undertakes not to cause harm to BTicino's name or interests in any way.
20. Should any of the two previous paragraphs be infringed - even accidentally -, BTicino reserves the right to take any type of corrective actions it should deem appropriate, which may range from a private warning up to the expulsion from the Community, whereby the Membership will be deleted and therefore the Member will be denied access to reserved areas and Community material and initiatives; moreover, BTicino reserves the right to take legal action in relation to any consequence deriving from the Member's deeds.
21. All the material, creative ideas, applications of all kinds and any personally-developed solution provided and made available to the Community by individual Members shall be considered as provided for free, and shall not imply any compensation neither from BTicino nor from third parties in general.
22. BTicino shall have the right to "reject", publish, reproduce and use all the material produced by the Members for the Community in the ways it shall from time to time deem appropriate, without any limitations. The material sent shall not in any case be returned, even if it has not been used. BTicino's product and system specifications, Open Wen Net language specifications, and any other information regarding BTicino's activities shall remain BTicino's property even if they have been made public.
23. BTicino shall not be deemed responsible for any damage deriving from the installation of the software and the IT material "downloaded" from the Community site on PCs and any other device or system belonging to the Members.
24. BTicino shall not be deemed responsible for the use of Applications released within the Community. Anyone using the Applications released within the Community -entirely, in part, following further processing, recompilations or modifications, shall be entirely responsible for their use. Consequently, BTicino shall bear no responsibility in relation to any requests, demands or any legal actions following the incorrect or inappropriate use of the Applications.
25. BTicino reserves the right to assign any Member official positions and tasks within the Staff and the Community, following the Member's prior authorisation and consent. BTicino also reserves the right to cancel such appointments, even without any notice, at its sole and undisputable discretion, without the need for the consent of the Member, who shall obviously be duly informed about the reasons for such cancellation.
26. Finally, BTicino reserves the right to:
a. modify and temporarily or permanently stop the provision of this Service (or part thereof) at any time, with or without notice
b. modify, extend, reduce or eliminate – entirely or in part- the services and the material provided within the Community, even without any prior notice.

27. By registering in the forum, the user declares that he/she has entirely accepted its regulations. For obvious reasons, the regulations may be updated at any time, in order to adapt their contents to the development of the Community in the best possible way.
28. Any major amendments shall be shared with the Community Members by including a message in the Welcome page. The maintenance of one's registration after the publication of the above-mentioned message shall imply the tacit acceptance of the amendments involved. All users are in any case encouraged periodically to check for the inclusion of new articles in the Community's regulations.