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does this mean that this address is correct A:10 PL:1

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    hey guyse
    Does this mean that this address is correct A:10 PL:1 and how can I use it in the OWN command?
    WHERE point to point A = 00; PL [01 ? 15].
    That’s right¬† *1*1*1001## for A:10 PL:1 ?


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    From my experience with F454 and F459 gateways this is how you shoud output the WHERE part in your command:

    Case 1:
    A > 9 or PL > 9
    Both A and PL should be two digits.
    Example: A=10, PL=1 should give 1001
    Example: A=2, PL=13 should give 0213

    Case 2:
    A=0 and PL=0 (for all devices)
    Only one zero should be given.
    Example: A=0, PL=0 should give 0

    Case 3:
    All other cases (A<10 and PL<10)
    Both A and PL should be one digit.
    Example: A=1, PL=2 should give 12


    Additional info: With some devices (such as Energy measurement F520) you must add the “Supervision Device Type” as prefix (for F520, it has a value of 5).


    Docs should be updated with those kind of explanations, it’s just exhausting to learn that by trial & error and reverse engineering …

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    Sadly, it seems like the LegrandGroup is not investing AT ALL in community support… and documentation updates seem to be the least of their worries.
    They recently bought netatmo, and it shows, everything appears to be going to some sort of cloud thing now…
    I am slowly pondering moving to some other solution such as loxone…

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