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E41 Issue in Myhome system :

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    Hello everyone :

    We’re facing issue of E41 Getting failed every time we start the system.


    Details :

    2 Distribution boards :

    DB1 : Incomer MCB with 230v stabilised voltage input.

    E41–E46ADCN–MH202–F454–F411U2(14 NOS)–002612(1NOS)–067554(3 NOS) connected.


    DB2 : Incomer mcb with 230V stabilised power supply.

    E41–E46ADCN–F411U2(14 NOS)–002612(1NOS)–067554(3 NOS) connected. F422 SCS-SCS interface is connected on db2. In which f422 in is connected from Bus1 and out is connected to bus2.


    Now every time we start the incomer MCB of DB1, E41 is getting damaged and further system is not running due to that.

    What could be the possible problem?

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