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    In spite of having a dynamic IP address from my DSL service provider, I was able to solve the remote access to access my remote homes.

    I found that the iTeleport software enables quite easily, for $24,99, to connect remotely from home, with Mac, Windows, Linux, and AMX Touchscreen Interfaces computers at home.

    Soon after downloading iTeleport from the Apps Store into the iPad, and configure it with my gmail account, I was able to share the screen and control remotely the several PCs at home, and manage the different applications. It looks like that now we can, easily and remotely, program the MH200, TS L4684, and the F452V … The same for PC applications like ScenarX, EnergyX, MySweetHome, iMyHome for Mac, … It would be nice to share the screen of the TS which is similar to aLinux PC. It could be a great beginning for having installer doing remote maintenance and configuration of MyHome.

    I, and probably some of you, may be little worry that if someone that discovers the gmail password could easily configure and control all My Home at will. Apparently Google can already do it … I am not paranoid, but probably the government is already capable to turn off the lights when I exit my home.

    In Italian:
    Ho caricato il software iTeleport sul mio iPad e sono riuscito a controllare remotamente gli schermi dei diversi computer in casa. Dandomi la possibilità di gestire le diverse applicazioni di my home. Per maggior informazione vedi link http://www.iteleportmobile.com/

    In poche parole chi conosce il tuo password di gmail √® in grado di configurare e gestire il tuo sistema myhome …. Ricordati di spegnere il computer prima di andare a dormire o di uscire casa.

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