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F459 and bus device batch configuration

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    For our project to install your devices in five hundred houses, I try to automate the process of configuration of each plant. This process includes:

    1. The setup of a F459 (network settings, OPEN password, IP range for management, …)
    2. The setup of every device addressing (A, PL, G, …) of at least Lightning and Energy Management kind.

    Currently the “MyHomeSuite” software v3.4.7 can’t configure the F459.  But with this software, I can configure Lighing devices trough the F459 as a gateway with a large sequence of clicks and double checks. But doing it on a large-scale project would require too much time and would be a source of human error.

    A possible solution this problem would be to write a script (program) to :

    1. Mimic what I do in my web browser to configure the F459.
    2. Mimic what MyHomeSuite does to achieve my batch configuration need. In order to do that, it would help us a lot if I could get the documentation of those proprietary frames such as “*#1001*”.

    This would require for us a huge study to reverse engineer your products.
    Can we have the full documentation of the frames needed to do our setup?
    Thank you.
    P.S.: I’ve already contacted my local Legrand representative, he sends me here.

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