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How do you solve the project?

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    Hello everybody, I have to solve MH project where there are MH202, F428 and many F411U1 – F411/4 + termoregulation (4 zone + F430/2), and cardreader (third party, just contact). The application is: if client leave the apartment until midnight, some sockets get OFF, lights OFF, termoregulation in mode 1. If the client will not return to apartment after midnight, then all sockets OFF (fridge not of course Smile ), lights same OFF and termoregulation in mode 2. For leaving and coming into apartment there will be cardreader from which I have contact into F428.

    Here is my questions. How will you solve the arrival and exit with contact? I think there will be problem with blackout after which the system will not know status of F428. I have idea of using counting in MH202, but how it is with blackout and memory in MH202? How will you make timer for midnight modes? I see the only solution to make fix hour timer for example 12 hours after leaving.

    Thank you for all ideas, insights and other informations.


    Martin Podmol

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