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Nitoo and IOBL

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    My 2 USB/CPL interface 0088213 used to command all my modules IOBL in my home are out of service. Probably a HW issue.

    This module is now out of order and I need to repair these 0088213 modules. No choice.

    I’m trying to make a diagnostic about what is wrong but i’m missing some document about Nitoo protocol. This Nitoo protocol was used by Legrand and is a subpart of OpenWebNet.

    What i’m looking for is  details about the protocol format at the bitstream level. How the header is built, how many bit, how the Who and Where data are built (how many bit, eand so)

    Unfortunatelly, it seems that all relative documents have been removed  from Legrand My Open web site… All links that I found in the forum are broken.

    Does someone has such document or information and able to share ?




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