Thanks to B@Home Application you can monitor and control your Bticino/Legrand  MYHOME sytem from everywhere.

In particular this application allows you to manage the following functionalities:

  • lights,
  • sounds,
  • climate,
  • cameras,
  • scenarios
  • automations

from a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection - all with the touch of a button.

Moreover, using ALARM mode you can receive notifications whenever any event happens into your home.

It's very easy to configure the app: just enter the code and the user credentials received from the installer and the application will download the setup and will be auto configured. We have managed also the switch among different home automation systems in a very intuitive way.

This application is available in two different versions: Pro and Basic

PRO: Purchasing the BOX allows you to use the application from inside and even outside your premises. You will be able to receive push configuration and it will be delivered an intuitive an easy way for the configuration setup

BASIC: it's needed only the application. The app usage is permitted only in wireless mode inside your home. No smart notifications available. Easy setup and configurations of your project.