The RTI Driver allows the integration between the RTI control system (Remote Technologies Inc.) and  the Bticino/Legrand MY HOME  devices.

It allows the supervision and management  of the main functions of a MY HOME system, like lighting, air conditioning, engines, events and scenarios.

The RTI Driver is designed for the RTI XP Processor, with a direct access user service via the RTI advanced control system , such as Smartphone & Apple and Android Tablet, remote control, touch- screen, Windows PC.

The driver can be used within the RTI " Integration Designer ® " software that is able to easily

create the graphical user interface management system, suited to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Integration Designer ® is released by RTI to dealers and authorized installers .

The supported functionalities, to date, are the following:

  • Lighting Control ( On/Off , Toggle )
  • Management of engines and relays (shutters, blinds , gates , fans , exhausters,curtains,etc.) and opportunity to view the current state of automatism


  • Central control of thermoregulation (4 and at 99 plant zones):
  • Room temperature, set point and local offset display (temperatures of each individual zone)
  • set point change (Heating adjustment)
  • Management of the operating modes (Automatic, heating, air conditioning , OFF , frost protection (antifreeze) , thermal protection)
  • Display of the status of the actuators that operate the solenoid valves and pumps (e.g. F430 / F430 2 /4)

Scenarios Control

  • Scenarios management ( recalling of stored scenarios on MH200N and F420 )
  • Run , stop , enable/disable setting
  • CEN commands

Events Managing of feedbacks from the home automation system and automatic execution of RTI Macro (automated controls series ) when a specific event occurs in the home automation system :

  • More specifically, it is possible to monitor the following:
  • Status of the light switches (on / off )
  • Status automation/engines ( Up / Down / Stop)
  • CEN Controls (e.g. when a button is pressed )
  • RTI Macro automatic execution when a specific OpenWebNet message is received.
The driver manages the MY HOME devices configured with both physical and virtual addressing ( logical addresses expansion;management of extended addresses).

Full or demo versions can be downloaded from the page

RTI Driver