Bticino and Legrand released the Supervision Gadget v2.
It is a desktop application multiplatform that allows the control of a My Home automation system.

It is available in two different versions, depending on the brand you have installed: Bticino or Legrand.

The graphic reflects the user interface of configuration softwares and touch screens (3,5" and 10").

The Supervision Gadget provides the following functions:

  • Lighting and automations
  • Scenarios (scenario module and scenario programmer)
  • Temperature control 
  • Movement and lighting sensors
  • Energy Data
  • Sound diffusion
  • Load management
  • Full Screen mode
  • Autoupdate
  • Possibility to manage more systems (Web Servers) at the same time.
Once you've downloaded and installed the software, available in the community, you will find these three links:
  • Configuration Software
  • Supervision Gadget
  • Demo of the Supervision Gadget

Usage Examples


  • First ring: items list and their status
  • Center: icons of the function chosen
  • Second ring: commands (when available)



According to the kind of configured scenario you will find different commands:
  • Start for scenario module
  • Start/Stop, Enable/Disable for Scenario Programmer (CEN)
  • Start/Stop and regulation for Scenario Plus.


After a pressure of 2 seconds, it is possible to drag and drop single items out of the gadget area in order to have them directly available.