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Send command and get feedback.

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    Hi vuongxuanphuc,

    as I tried to indicated in one of my previous posts, probably in an ambiguous way: you need to open multiple sessions _in parallel_. One event session _and in parallel to that one_ one command session. Here "session" means: a separate TCP connection to the OWN server.

    The OWN Intro does not indicate that it would be possible to alter the type of a session after having chosen a type at the beginning. At least I do read the diagrams on page 8 and 9 this way. And obviously, as you found out, it actually is not possible.

    So here you go with an example:

    1. Open TCP connection to OWN server, from now on called "#1"

    2. #1 receives *#1## (= ACK)

    3. #1 send *99*1*## (= chose event session)

    4. #1 receives ACK

    5. Open another TCP connection to OWN server, from now on called "#2" and _leave #1 open and running in parallel_

    6. #2 receives ACK

    7. #2 send *99*9*## (= chose command session)

    8. #2 receives ACK

    9. #2 send some COMMAND (like *1*1*68##)

    10. #2 receives ACK

    11. #1 receives an event (a OWN STATUS frame) (like *1*1*68##)

    In case the directions are unclear: "receive" means "sent by server, received at client"; "send" means "send by client, received by server". So it's from the OWN client's point of view.

    NOTE: There are timeouts involved. After a certain amount of inactivity (I think 30 seconds) the server closes a session automatically. To keep a session open, the client can send ACKs on a regular basis.

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    Hi joftr

    Thank you for answer. I see. I think have one connection from client to OWN. So I tried to open other kind of session. Finally I see I need to open an Other connection to OWN. But I do'nt how to do it :D. Thanks for help. ^^

    I'm come from VietNam. I try to use another software to control more device and integrate Myhome System. Example Yamaha audio system and HVAC system. I very happy by your help.

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    Hi , a long time since the last post but I’m having the same issue. I think I ve solved my problem by creating 2 sessions but I don’t which ACK I need to send from client to server. I’ve tried <span style=”color: #48595f; font-family: DinPro, sans-serif;”>*#1## but doesn’t work. Also tried </span><span style=”color: #48595f; font-family: DinPro, sans-serif;”>*99*1## also not working. I’m trying to do this every 25 seconds.</span>

    the first 25 seconds, after the first <span style=”color: #48595f; font-family: DinPro, sans-serif;”>*99*1##, I get feedbacks but afterwards, no more</span>


    any idea please ?


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