The tool has been thought for system integrators and installers, to facilitate the integration of different systems. Currently the following features are supported:
  • discover Bticino Gateways models (web server),and other UPNP Devices, in a LAN Network (the model of each gateway, their IP addresses and communication port).Works on local area network (LAN)
  • Lighting & Automation: identify the addresses of the devices (areas and Point of light; Device  APL address and Bus number,that is the number of Interface)
  • Temperature Control: find out what the climate zones (real number of areas)
  • sP.S.cenarios
  • Lighting :Switch on/off  of a single  Light Point/Relay
  • Automation: Up/stop/Down of curtains, shutters, blinds, etc.
  • Scenarios : enable/disable/run/stop
  • Dry contact & IR :Virtual ON/IR Detection and Virtual OFF/IR not/end detection
  • exchange OpenWebNet messages with the Bticino Gateway: send and receive OpenWebNet messages
  • Export log and data to a text file
Intuitive and attractive user interface(Ready to use:No installation software and configuration is required) Very useful tool if you use another software developed by domo innovation: "RTI Driver for My HOME Bticino" , which allows the integration between the RTI control system  (Remote Technologies Inc.) and  the Bticino/Legrand MY HOME  devices.